TheraLED™ - A Drug Free Pain Relief Theraputic Device

After Years of Research and Development We are proud to present an effective drugless alternative for sufferers of muscular and joint pain: LED Light Therapy through treatment with our LED light therapy device

The Benefits of Using TheraLED™

Alleviates the sensation of pain

Bring back a sense of feeling in areas that have gone numb

Activate healing components within the immune system

TheraLED™ - A Miraculous Healing Tool

TheraLED™ is designed to relieve both acute and chronic pain syndromes through treatment with LED light therapy

How The TheraLED™ Works


Light photons normalize tissue by activating enzymes.


Enzymes triggers chemical reactions that relieve pain and inflammation


By triggering enzymes, the power of photons is multiplied by thousands


One photon can activate a single enzyme which in turn triggers multiple chemical reactions